Mol Fx is a special effects workshop located in Buenos Aires, Argentinas specializing in SFx Make-up, Creatures, Fantasy Costumes, Scale Models, Product Mockups and Animatronics.It is a new company in the market with more than 15 years of experience.
It previously operated under the name of Efecto Cerebro and is now reborn under the name of Mol Fx. It is directed by Sebastian Molchasky (Mol), who had been working in the industry for more than 20 years. It is a new concept but with all the experience and support of a professional who dedicates his life to improve, optimize, research and supervise the best special effects of the highest quality and made with the best and most innovative products of today.
We have a team of professionals that allows us to reach the best results in time and form to deliver many productions at the same time.
Our team values and is built on joy, charisma, safety standards, skill, professionalism and efficiency.
Mol knows the requirements of this job and has all the necessary experience to do it and be able to translate the needs of the client to his team, that's why we are sure to be the best and most efficient in the local market. We are constantly evolving, call us and check the difference.


Sebastian Molchasky

I´am Sebastián Molchasky, also known as "Mol".I professionally developed my skills in films, T.V., advertising and theater in the field of special effects, specializing in special effects make- up, design and realization of fantasy costumes, animatronics, scale models, dummies, hairpieces and product mockups. From a very early age I saw all the films of science fiction, terror, adventure and television programs that I could get my hands on. I have always been a fan of those characters and universes.
My father was a plastic surgeon and my mother a classical dancer, science and art were always in my blood. This made me wonder how things worked since I was very young and led me to generate experiments in electronics, chemistry and electromechanics. Basically I grew up making scale models with pharmaceutical boxes and invented fantastic worlds with containers of silicone breast prostheses while listening to The Beatles on my little play records and helping my father in his doctor`s office.
In my adolescence I realized what I wanted to be and do, at 15 years old I already knew that I wanted to be a Special Effects Technician. This was a dream that seemed impossible in South America and Argentina. However, my love and passion were stronger.
At age of 15 I started studying at the ORT Technical School to become a Media Technician. During my studies and while I was 17 years old I was thought how to draw comics at the Argentine School of Comics where I learned to draw my favorite characters and the human figure.
At the age of 18 I started studying in my first special effects course at Gerardo Bernstein's Metamorphosis Academy where I began to teach and work in the industry as a Special Effects assistant a short time after beginning my studies.
At the age of 19, I started studying with Danielle Verse, ("La Gabel", Belgian scale model maker, who worked in productions such as "Dune" by David Lynch, “Shark II", "King Kong II", Cosmos by Carl Sagan, etc). With her I started working in advertising. In the same year I made my first works for television on my own.
At the age of 20 I started studying with Janni Caruzo on how to make Muppets from Foam Latex which, many years later, allowed me to specialize in this medium.
At the age of 21, I started a Characterization Career as one of only 20 successful entrants from 600 applicants in the prestigious Colón Theater (the most important opera theater in South America), where I qualified as a Professional Characterization Artist. In this career I learned how to make hairpieces and the classic methods of characterization make- up.
At the age of 22, I opened my first special effects studio called "Arkan Studio"where I started to build relationships with some of the most important film, media and advertising producers of the moment in Argentina such as Pol-ka Cine, 4K Cine, Peluca Films, Flehner Films, Azpeitía Cine, etc. I also continued teaching in my own studio where I started to build my knowledge as a teacher in the field of Special Effects Make-up.
At the age of 23, I studied Beauty Makeup with the teacher José María Angelini (Former Head of Makeup at the Teatro Colón). In the same year I began working as the Head of the SFx Make-up department in films like "Rosarigasinos" by Rodrigo Grande, "La Cienaga" by Lucrecia Martel and "Animalada" by Sergio Bizzio. In the first two I made the prosthetics that were later applied by the great make-up artist Marisa Amenta. In the movie “Animalada” I developed all the special effects make-up and fx props. Subsequently, I strengthened my knowledge in hairpieces working as an assistant in the hairpieces department of "The Beauty and the Beast" by Disney. In this job I collaborated in the reconstruction of the wigs, facial hairpieces and body hairpieces of the first and secondary actors to be sent to Madrid.
I continued working in the industry until I was 25 years old when I travelled to Europe for 6 months where I went to known workshops like "The Creature Shop" by Jim Henson and I was invited to shootings like "The Pianist" by Roman Polanski.
In 2001 back in my homeland, I worked as a SFx make-up artist and visual effects maker in the film "Adiós Querida Luna" by Fernando Spiner. I also worked in the feature film "The Motorcycle Diaries" by Walter Salles as a special effects makeup assistant for Luigi Roccheti, (Conan's make-up artist, Devil's Advocate and other North American and European productions). In 2003 I opened a Special Effects Makeup Laboratory for "Fx Stunt Team" where I was working as workshop boss in "Public Hospital" TV show produced by Spark Films, the Feature Film “Iluminados por el Fuego" by Tristan Bauer, TV Show "Soy Gitano" by Pol-Ka Producciones and "Epitafios" TV Show produced by HBO and Pol-Ka Producciones.
After finishing my tasks in "Fx Stunt Team", at 28 years old and with a great friend of mine and professional, Lucia Marachli Levy, we founded "Efecto Cerebro" where we work together for about two years. Then we parted, life goes on and each person takes his path, Lucia stopped being my partner to become one of my best friends.
I continued with “Efecto Cerebro” for about 12 more years, in this time amazing things happened, there were very intense moments, incredible works came out of my workshop, great work teams were generated and for many moments I had the good fortune of having 3 to 4 productions at the same time. Two different workshop leaders were in charge of two teams that allowed us to do incredible jobs at the same time and in record times.
In 2008, I worked as head of the team of the second unit of SFx Makeup FX in the French film "Lucky Luke" by James Huth, where the protagonist was Jean Dujardin, winner of the Oscar for best actor for the feature film "The Artist”. That was the moment where I established as a Special Effects Technician and became a true professional.
In the middle of all these works I was teaching Fx Make-up classes in Kryolan Argentina for about 3 years, where I finally became a real professor in this specialty. We continued with many works in the workshop until 2013 when we started making the SFx make-up of the television program "Duro de Domar". This represented Characterizations of well- known personalities, 2 to 3 complete Fx makeups per day and 3 to 4 times per week. In addition to being a great challenge to work with the Human Anatomy of well known public figures, we went out live at public TV at the end of the make up session, leaving no margin for error in terms of timing and quality. This made me acquire a unique hand and work speed since we were doing it for three years.
Then I decided to take a new direction, change my way of thinking and work methodology to incorporate the most revolutionary and new materials in the world. In many ways, “Efecto Cerebro" was the launch pad to reach excellence in my craft. For that reason, “Mol Fx” is a new traditional special effects studio built on solid foundations, prepared for bigger & more complex challenges of the highest quality at national and international productions.